Why Knit Socks?

Knit Socks

I used to wonder why people were so enthused about knitting socks. Socks? Why would you spend all that time to knit socks when you can buy them at Walmart for a couple bucks?

I don’t wonder that anymore. And my feet have thanked me for it!

I’ve been thinking about this because our next knit along is a pattern called Socks on a Plane.  It’s a fairly basic sock pattern with a cable up the side.

The Socks on a Plane KAL is one of many knit alongs in the online education-based Knit Along Club.

In case you’ve been wondering why you should knit socks, here’s my list of reasons:

  1. When made correctly, hand knit socks are incredibly comfortable.
  2. A pair of socks is a relatively quick and easy project.
  3. Socks are great skill builders. There are various ways to do the shaping of the toes and heels, with stitches and techniques that you will encounter in larger projects. But if you make a mistake on the socks, it’ll be hidden in your shoe! That’s a whole lot better than learning a new technique on a larger project where the mistake might be in an obvious location.
  4. Toes and heels aren’t the only learning opportunity for socks. The same logic applies to learning and practicing new stitch patterns, like cables or lace. The Socks on a Plane pattern incorporates a cable into an otherwise basic sock pattern.
  5. Have you seen the beautiful sock yarns available today? I know you have!… Need I say more? 🙂
  6. Wool is the BEST fiber for socks – all year long! I wear wool socks in every season. I hardly own any other type of sock. Wool wicks moisture away from your skin when your feet sweat and it keeps your feet warmer in cold weather than  most other fibers. Warm and dry feet all year long! If you’re allergic to wool, there are also lovely cotton blend sock yarns, the second best fiber for socks.
  7. Once you get used to knitting socks, you can keep a pair going at all times as a “no brainer” project.
  8. They’re portable. Keep a sock project in a small drawstring bag to grab whenever you think you might have some downtime – in the doctor’s waiting room, at a sporting event, on a long drive (if you’re the passenger), … You could even leave a sock project in the car, just so you have it whenever you have some free time.
  9. They’re relatively inexpensive since they don’t require a lot of yarn.
  10. You can adjust the size to fit perfectly.

Ready to cast on? Join us to knit Socks on a Plane. The lessons in the Socks on a Plane KAL will guide you through each step of the pattern with written, photo, and video tutorials so you can finish them with ease. 

Socks on a Plane KAL
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