While we firmly believe that project-based lessons like those included in the members area of the Knit Along Club are the best and fastest way to improve your knitting skills, we offer these free technique tutorials to give you an idea of the kinds of lessons you’ll find inside the members area of the Knit Along Club.

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How do you rank in 9 primary knitting skill categories? Receive a detailed report of your skill level and a list of tutorials to help you improve
Upcoming KALs

6/18/21 Mosaic Marbles Socks
These colorwork socks are done with slip stitches rather than stranding. That means you only work with one color at a time. This is a fantastic project for learning color work and how to knit socks!

10/1/21 Scéal Grá (pronounced scale grah) is Irish for ‘love story.’
This light and airy sweater is worked seamlessly from the top down. It is constructed with fitted 3/4 sleeves, relaxed bodice, and flounced hemline. The circular yoke features a delicate lace motif of drooping blossoms, elements of which are also echoed in the sleeves. All edgings are finished with i-cord, for an airy, elegant aesthetic.

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