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Never waste time struggling through a knitting pattern again!

Our project-based lessons enable you to knit faster with fewer mistakes. Cast on with confidence and bind off with pride!

Knit Along Club

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As a Knit Along Club member, you will have access to:


Our current and future knit alongs, as well as our vault of past knit alongs, so you always have a large selection of projects to choose from


Thoroughly written lessons within each knit along, including photo and video tutorials to guide you through each project


On-demand access to all of the lessons so you can use them anytime, anywhere


Online support for every project with access to a knitting instructor to answer any questions you have


And for our social butterflies, a forum to connect with other members

Guided Knitting Lessons

  • Thorough lessons, including online support, to ensure you learn the proper techniques without the hassle of searching the Internet or finding a qualified teacher.
  • We guide you through each pattern step-by-step and teach you exactly what you need EXACTLY when you need it so you can finish each project faster with fewer mistakes.
  • No more taking a technique class and forgetting how to do it by the time you find it in a project.
Smaller Projects

Improve Your Knitting Skills

  • We have projects for knitters of all skill levels. We will help you build on your skills to become a better, faster, more confident knitter.
  • You’ll not only learn new stitches and techniques, you’ll also learn how to read your knitting, identify and efficiently fix mistakes, make modifications to fit your body or style, and many other expert tips so you truly become a master knitter.
  • Learn how to knit heirloom-quality garments that will be treasured for generations.
Larger Projects

Save Money

  • Improve your knitting skills in the comfort of  your home. No travel expenses. No expensive class fees.
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Larger Projects

Here’s what others have to say about the Knit Along Club


Such thorough lessons!

I love the Knit Along Club. I haven’t had any questions for which there wasn’t already an answer. It seems like Beth can anticipate where I might have trouble and have the solution ready and waiting. Plus there are lots of helpful tips and good optional ways to do things. I wish there were a KAL for all the patterns I knit!

Teresa Brittain

I learned so many new things!

Hi ladies! Can you hear me "whoo hooo"ing from miles away? I finished my Woodburne Cardigan today and LOVE it! I learned so many new things doing this sweater, including the kitchener stitch for finishing. Thanks so much for all your help!

Sue Thompson


I've been knitting for a very long time...

I’ve been knitting for a very long time, and many folks think I know everything, but I know that I don’t. Beth was ALWAYS so helpful; yet she never let me feel that I didn’t understand what was happening with my knitting.

Cindy Stelzman

Join the Knit Along Club NOW to claim your 15% discount!

This is a limited time offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. The Knit Along Club helps knitters of all skill levels IMPROVE their skills. Therefore, all of our lessons assume that you already know how to do the knit and purl stitches, and how to cast on and bind off.

A: No.YouTube videos show you how to do specific stitches. They don’t show you how to complete a project.

Our project-based lessons save you time by providing you the exact help you need exactly when you encounter it in the pattern. The lessons not only include how to do the stitches, but also include things like:

  • Clarifications for vague and confusing pattern instructions
  • How to keep track of complicated “at the same time” instructions (like when you have to shape armholes and the neckline at the same time)
  • Modifications you might want to make to the pattern so it fits your body or style better
  • How to quickly fix common mistakes found in the pattern
  • Expert project-specific tips for finishing your project faster with fewer mistakes

You can access these lessons on demand, day or night, and all in one convenient place. This will save you countless hours of searching online for solutions, and prevent you from becoming more confused and frustrated than you were to begin with.

A: We have projects for all knitting skill levels from beginner to expert. By building on your knitting skills, we can help you master those intricate patterns you have only dreamed of knitting.

A: We will be with you every step of the way! Our lessons are very thorough and most knitters find the answers they are looking for in the lesson.

However, if you don’t find your answer in the lesson, we will provide 1-on-1 online help!

A. No, however some of the patterns are available for free. For your convenience, we have the patterns, supplies, and recommended yarns available for sale on the website.

We guarantee if you are not happy with the Knit Along Club you can easily cancel at any time with no cancellation fees!

But we have a feeling you'll stick around.

Knit Along Club

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