Reading Your Knitting

Read Your Knitting

Reading your knitting is the ability to identify the stitches you’ve completed. This is an important skill, and can save you time and frustration once you’ve mastered it.

This series of blog posts by Felicia at The Craft Sessions is a good introduction on how to read your knitting.

One of the best things you can do to learn to read your knitting is to stop and inspect the work you are doing. Take the time to look at your stitches as you knit them and look at each row when you finish it. The more you do this, the better you will become at reading your knitting.

It is also helpful to carefully watch the yarn as you un-knit or pull out stitches after making a mistake. The more you understand how the yarn travels through your piece, the better you will be able to read your knitting.

Don’t pressure yourself. Learning to read your knitting is something that can only happen with practice. The more you knit and pay attention to your stitches, rows, and the columns formed by the stitches, the better you will become.

Knit Better. Knit Confidently.

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