How to Cast On in the Middle of a Row or at the End of a Row

Casting on is always the first step in a knit project. However, it is also sometimes necessary to cast on in the middle of a row or to add them at the end of a row.

A mid-row or mid-round cast on is often used for buttonholes and underarm stitches. End of row (or beginning of row) cast ons are usually used for shaping.

A common cast on used for mid-project cast ons is the backward loop cast on (also called the thumb cast on or e-loop cast on). However, I don’t recommend using the backward loop cast on in most cases because it tends to be loose, weak, and sloppy.

Though there are other ways to cast on mid-project, I usually use the knit cast on. It creates a firm, stable edge, is fairly easy to remember, and is quick to knit.

In this video, I’ll show you how to do the knit cast on in the middle of a row or round. Casting on at the end of a row is the same, but instead of continuing to knit the row or round, you simply start your next row by working into the last stitch you casted on.

SIDE NOTE: You do the cast on with your working yarn. That 2nd yarn you may have noticed in the video is not a tail. It is a 2nd skein of yarn. I am working with 2 skeins of hand dyed yarn in this project. For the sake of this tutorial, you can ignore that other yarn. If you want to learn how to knit with hand dyed yarn, check out my Knitting & Crocheting with Hand Dyed Yarns tutorial.

How Cast On in the Middle of a Row Using the Knitted Cast On

  1. Turn your work
  2. Knit one stitch, but don’t slide it off your needle.
  3. Transfer the new stitch to the left needle by:
    • Inserting the left needle into the new stitch from the front and below
    • Sliding the new stitch from the right needle to the left needle (Now you have 1 more stitch on the left needle)
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the required number of cast on stitches
  5. If you are casting on:
    1. Mid-row: Turn your work and continue with your row or round. Be sure to snug up the first stitch so that you don’t have a long strand from the last cast on to the first stitch.
    2. At the end of a row: Start your new row by working into the cast on stitches, and continuing across the row as instructed.

Tips for Casting On in the Middle of Your Project

  • Find more information about the Knit Cast On in our Knitted Cast On Tutorial.
  • The Knit Cast On can be done purlwise. To do a purlwise cast on, purl into each new stitch rather than knitting them.
  • The Cable Cast On is similar to the Knit Cast On, but creates a sturdier more decorative edge. It can be used mid-project in the same manner as the Knit Cast On, and can also be done purlwise.

Want to Practice Casting on in the Middle of a Round?

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