Lifted Increases – Knitwise & Purlwise

While not as common as yarn over, make one, and knit front back (kfb) increases; lifted increases are perhaps the most invisible increases. This makes them very desirable in certain circumstances, especially when you prefer your increases to blend into the fabric rather than stand out.

Lifted increases are similar to m1l and m1r (make one left and make one right) in that they lean to the right or left. Unlike m1l and m1r, the lifted increases are not twisted. Nor do they create a hole in your fabric like a regular make one or yarn over does. Nor a bump like the kfb.

Lifted Increase Video Tutorial

I demonstrate all four types of lifted increases in this video:

There are 4 types of lifted increases:

  • Right lifted increase (rli)
  • Left lifted increase (lli)
  • Right lifted increase purlwise (rli-p)
  • Left lifted increase purlwise (lli-p)


  • Create the right-leaning increases by knitting or purling into the stitch below the stitch on your left needle.
  • Create the left-leaning increases by knitting or purling into the 2nd stitch below the stitch on your right needle.

Lifted Increase Tips

  • Other names for lifted increases are raised increases or invisible increases.
  • You can remember which way to do the increases by realizing that you are dragging open the stitch you are working into in the same direction it will lean. Another way to remember is to realize they lean in the direction of the needle with which you pick up the stitch.
  • Do not accidentally drop the stitch on your left needle when working the RLI. If you do, you will create a slipped stitch rather than an increase.

Want to Practice the Lifted Increases?

The best way to learn a new stitch is to use it in a project. These increases are used in the Keavy Pullover KAL, one of the projects in the Knit Along Club. We guide you through every step of the pattern with written, photo, and video tutorials similar to this one. 

Keavy KAL uses lifted increases

If you are the kind of knitter who wants to finish projects faster with fewer mistakes, then join me in the Knit Along Club and take your knitting to the next level!

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