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*New Member Orientation*

Welcome to the Knit Along Club!

We’re glad you’re here!

New Member Orientation

You are in the right place if you want to learn how to knit heirloom-quality garments that you will be proud of and your knitworthy friends and family will treasure.

In this orientation, I will show you how to use the Knit Along Club to improve your skills faster and easier than you can with any other method and how to connect with other members.

I’ve set this introductory course up similarly to how the knitting lessons are organized so you get practice using the website as you learn about all the features. You should be able to finish this orientation in 30-60 minutes.

I know, I know… you’d rather be knitting! But – PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – take the time to complete this orientation. It will save you time and frustration when you are knitting.

This page is what I refer to as the main course page. For the knit alongs (KALs), the main course page looks like this and includes a photo and detailed description of the KAL, with lesson links at the bottom.

If you would like to preview the lessons, scroll down to see the lesson titles and a brief description of what you will learn. You can click any lesson to go directly to that lesson, but I encourage you to always click the “Get Started” button to go to the first lesson, and consume the lessons in order – even if you think you don’t need a particular lesson. You never know what little nugget of information you will learn to improve your knitting.

Now click the “Get Started” button to go to the first orientation lesson! (Note that the “Get Started” button changes to “Continue” after you complete at least one lesson.)

If you cannot access the lessons below, that means you are not a member and/or you are not logged in.

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