Purl Front & Back (pfb, pf&b, or p1f&b) and pfbf (or pf&b&f)

Purl front and back (pfb, pf&b, or p1f&b) is a one-stitch purlwise increase usually done on the wrong side of the fabric, but sometimes done on the right side. The purl front, back & front (pfbf or pf&b&f) is a 2-stitch purlwise increase also usually done on the wrong side.

Knit Front Back (kfb) and Knit Front Slip Back (kfsb)

“Knit in the front and back” or “knit front back” (kfb) is a common increase in knitting. This increase leaves a small purl bump to the left of the stitch. If you don’t want that purl bump in your work, An alternative to the kfb is the “knit front back slip” (kfsb). Learn how to knit both of these increases in this tutorial.

Lifted Increases – Knitwise & Purlwise

While not as common as yarn over, make one, and knit front back (kfb) increases; lifted increases are perhaps the most invisible increases. Learn how to knit the lifted increases in this tutorial.

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