Cast Ons

alternating cable cast on

Alternating Cable Cast On

The alternating cable cast on is a variation of the cable cast on. It is great for projects that begin with ribbing. Learn how in this tutorial.

How to Cast On in the Middle of a Row or at the End of a Row

A mid-row or mid-round cast on is often used for buttonholes and underarm stitches. End of row (or beginning of row) cast ons are usually used for shaping. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you my preferred method for casting on in the middle of a row (or round) or at the end of a row.

Tubular Cast On

The Tubular Cast On is ideal for projects that begin with ribbing because it creates a tidy, very stretchy edge. Learn how to knit the Tubular Cast On in this tutorial.

Long Tail Cast On

The Long Tail Cast On is one of the most popular cast ons. It’s a little tricky to learn, but it is perhaps the fastest cast on once you get the hang of it. This cast on is unique in that you actually cast on and knit a row with this cast on. Learn how to do the Long Tail Cast On in this tutorial.

Knitted Cast On

How to knit the knitted cast on in both Continental and English styles – no long tail needed in this cast on!

Cable Cast On

The Cable Cast On is similar to the Knitted Cast On, but it produces a sturdier, more decorative edge – perfect for edges that get a lot of wear like cuffs.

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