Cable Cast On

A Sturdy, Decorative Edge

The Cable Cast On is similar to the Knitted Cast On. I like the Cable Cast On because it gives a nice sturdy, decorative edge – perfect for edges that get a lot of wear like cuffs. I’ll show you how to knit it in this video:

How to knit the Cable Cast On

  • Start with a slip knot or my “no knot” method
  • The first stitch will be the knit cast on because it is impossible to do the cable cast on for the first stitch:
    1. Insert your right needle into the slip knot and knit but don’t slide the slip knot off the left needle
    2. Instead, transfer the new stitch to the left needle
      Now you have 2 stitches on the left needle
  • Now continue with the cable cast on:
    1. Insert your right needle between the top stitch and the one below it
    2. Knit but do not slide any stitches off your needles
    3. Instead, transfer the new stitch to the left needle
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have enough stitches

Tips for Knitting the Cable Cast On

  • Do not pull each stitch tight until you’ve pulled up the loop for the next stitch
  • If you pulled your last cast on stitch tight, it might be hard to find it because it kind of crosses over the stitch below it. Gently pick at it until you find the stitch that’s attached to the working yarn. That will be the first stitch to work into for your row or round.
  • To learn how to knit 2-at-a-time using the cable cast on, check out this tutorial.

Put It Into Practice!

The Goat Whisperers Cabled Fingerless Gloves would be a great project for practicing and perfecting this cast on.

Purchase the pattern on Ravelry or on our Goat Whisperers Cabled Fingerless Gloves Knit Along page, where we guide you through each step of the pattern with detailed online lessons. Check out all our online knit alongs at

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