Beth Bohnert

i-cord bind off

I-Cord Bind Off

Learn to knit the i-cord bind off flat or in the round to add a little extra detail to your projects.

How to Bind Off Purlwise

Patterns often tell you to bind off purlwise when you need to bind off on a wrong side row of a stockinette project, or when binding off ribbing. Learn how in this tutorial.

How to Cast On in the Middle of a Row or at the End of a Row

A mid-row or mid-round cast on is often used for buttonholes and underarm stitches. End of row (or beginning of row) cast ons are usually used for shaping. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you my preferred method for casting on in the middle of a row (or round) or at the end of a row.

How to Ptbl

Purl through the back loop (ptbl) looks similar to a regular purl stitch, but upon close inspection you will notice that the “legs” of the stitch are crossed. Learn how to ptbl in this tutorial.

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